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The primary purpose of the Health Director is to ensure the health and social programs are managed, delivered, and evaluated in a coordinated and integrated way, forecast program needs and plans for future requirements, ensure effective financial management of programs and services including accountability and seek funding enhancements to improve service opportunities.

Project management, development, strategic and planning skills, goal setting, financial management, policy development, personnel supervision, evaluation, and monitoring are some of the key factors to the Director of Health.


Responsibilities are carried out in a culturally and linguistically-appropriate manner that is based on and reflects, the values and beliefs of the Health Services of Kashechewan First Nation.

Key Management Functions

The purpose of this is to provide direction on the way funding is handled and the policies and procedures surrounding this will be found in our Health Plan. Kashechewan Health Services is accountable to its members, to the Chief and Council, and to our funders.

Director Of Health

Christopher Thind

Administrative Assistant

Courtney Reuben


Get to Know Us

The Human Resources department is responsible for overseeing the recruitment and selection processes, and implementing the Human Resources Policy with the goal of promoting harmonious employee/employer relations. Some of the additional functions our department provides.

Human Resource Officer

Russell Friday


Get to Know Us

The Finance Department is responsible for the financial administrative functions of Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Travel, Expense Claims, and Payroll. Members of the team are assigned to one of these functional areas depending on the needs of the finance department and the Health Services overall. The Finance Team is responsible for providing coverage and support as required by workflow and team member absences to ensure continuity of services.

In addition, financial and performance reporting and advice to Director of Health, Board of Directors, and Health Services Departments and Programs. Other duties include maintaining financial systems, processes, and internal controls to protect the Health Services assets.

Finance Administrator

Jared Wesley

Finance Officer

Eliza Friday


Get to Know Us

Providing on-site security, loss prevention, and access control at the Kashechewan Nursing Station, Nurse Residences, Health Services, and surrounding premises. Other duties include high-level trust of client and services, communicate efficiently, perform and maintain the security systems. 

In addition, the service also includes making clear and concise reports, patrolling in a professional manner, and demonstrating an aura of competence and confidence approach.

The goal is to maintain the buildings and common areas in the best possible condition. Duties include interior painting needs, preventative maintenance assistance, normal maintenance repair requisitions, project requests, snow removal, and maintenance department responsibilities.


In addition, thorough professional with a practical mind and attention to detail. The ideal candidate will be able to work autonomously and responsibly by observing all health and safety guidelines.

Security Supervisor


Maintenance Supervisor


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