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The Kashechewan Health Services (KHS) provides a wide range of health services that serve the people of the Kashechewan. We provide and promote community wellness, healing, and health services and programs incorporating mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being while maintaining and respecting traditional/cultural values.

Crisis Intervention 

This position requires the incumbent to provide initial screening and triage evaluation of calls received at the Crisis Response in the Community. The Crisis Response Team Coordinator is then responsible for assigning requests for services to available Crisis Services as appropriate.


Youth Intervention

The Youth Intervention Program will be primarily responsible for Youth engagement, screening, assessment, treatment and aftercare planning, and overall service coordination with respect to direct service for Youth.


Family Well-being Program

Family Well-being program is designed to deliver prevention-focused, culturally-responsive support to Indigenous children and Youth in child welfare and Youth justice systems and their families​.


Healthy Babies Healthy Children Program

The AHBHC Program aims to improve the well-being and long-term health prospects of Aboriginal children, prenatal to 6 years. The program includes pre and post-natal screening and assessment, home visiting, service coordination, and support for service integration. This position involves the provision of ‘peer counseling’ and referral services.


Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Program

The FASD Coordinator is responsible for working with children and youth with FASD and/or suspected FASD and their families to develop strengths-based plans and support connections to appropriate diagnostic, treatment, and other support services that meet the child’s and family’s needs.​


Information to come soon!
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