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The main goal of case management is to ensure clients or patients achieve wellness and autonomy through in-person regular visits and checks, and offering support direction and advocacy to ensure the community members receive the mental health and counseling support services.  

  • Work with clients to achieve Labour Market or Community Attachment including addressing any client barriers and building on client strengths through an integrated case management model

  • Work as part of a multi-faceted and multi-agency team to deliver a comprehensive employment program designed to meet the individual needs of all clients, including those of specialized populations.

  • Work within an outcome-based contract

  • Assess clients and ensure they are referred to appropriate interventions

  • Administer Formal Needs Assessments with clients using a variety of assessment tools

  • Develop and monitor Return to Work Action Plans with clients

  • Report client progress and milestones through the Integrated Case Management (ICM) database

The Mental Health Counsellor provides counseling to children, youth, adults, and families, support/guidance, intervention, crisis management, group work, and case management services. This counsellor works in close collaboration with all community resources and assists with capacity building

The Mental Health Counselor is responsible for managing the client's file and is required to perform screening/intake duties, complete ongoing assessments and referrals, counsel and monitor clients' progress, and work collaboratively with family/caregivers, agencies involved, as well as other multidisciplinary professionals within the organization. The Mental Health Counselor could provide clinical services in the office, in the home, or in the community.

Case Manager

Assistant Case Manager

Mental Health/Counsellor 

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