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The Kashechewan Health Services (KHS) provides a wide range of health services that serve the people of the Kashechewan. We provide and promote community wellness, healing, and health services and programs incorporating mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being while maintaining and respecting traditional/cultural values.


The Patient/Liaison Coordinator provides several services for community patients and maintains positive relationships with patients as well as healthcare providers to successfully mediate complaints and services.


Diabetes Program 

This program assists with providing Diabetes Management for the Community through our specialty diabetes management resources. Through education on healthy lifestyle choices, we aim to reduce Type 2 diabetes in the community and to help those with diabetes manage their disease in the healthiest way possible. Success will be found through the support of health promotions and primary prevention activities and services.


Nutrition Program

The Nutrition Program focuses on the promotion of positive eating habits as well as education on nutrition through hands-on workshops, presentations, and demonstrations are provided. 


Medical Transportation 

Medical Transportation is provided to Community members who need transportation to and from their medical appointments that are in the community and to the airport. The program operates between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., five days a week. 


Information to come soon!
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